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Opening Times Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm | Sun 10am - 4pm
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Arium Zone

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Arium is the largest local authority nursery in the country and is capable of growing over three million plants per year!

​​​​​​​Four growing zones, each the size of Millennium Square are used to grow 500 different species of plants. Each of these zones can be separated and managed independently from one another, enabling us to grow all of our plants in their optimum environment.

There is some incredible machinery on site allowing us to pot 10,000 seedlings per hour!

Zones one and three can hold a staggering 576 benches - just to give to you an idea each bench is the size of a small car. There are 22,000 panes of glass in the walls and roof of the nursery. Rain that falls on them is collected in 6.2 kilometres of guttering and stored in our very own lagoon before being filtered and stored in tanks that hold 40,000 watering cans of water.

We plant 1.8 million seedlings per year - each requiring their own sowing techniques. The seeds grown won’t just produce pretty flowers but dozens of varieties of herbs, vegetables and soft fruits. Seventy years of experience has taught us exactly what we wanted from a new nursery and we couldn’t be happier. ​​​​​​​​​