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Inspiring the gardeners of tomorrow

Schools operate in very different ways when it comes to gardening, growing and outdoor classrooms, but we can work with you to establish horticulture as part of the curriculum. Keep checking this page to find out more about our future plans.

We believe in the advantages horticulture can provide to young people, which can include - improved physical and mental wellbeing, enhanced literacy and numeracy as well as enriched engagement with sciences and geography. Equally important is the encouragement it provides for a healthier lifestyle and greater appreciation of the environment.

A well planned school garden can be an inspiring and motivating place to work. It can help pupils become more actively involved in their outdoor surroundings – providing a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. We can help you build and make the most of a school garden.

If there isn’t space for a school garden we can organise activities here at The Arium. Please get in touch via the contact us page to find out more. We’ll also be adding more information and teaching packs here soon.