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Plant Care & Garden Tips

Take a look at our gardening tips and advice for the beginner and advanced gardener.

Our Latest Tip

Gardening Tips for May

May is here, and with it the ideal opportunity to spend some quality time gardening


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Our Tips

Gardening Tips for April

The longer, lighter evenings in April provide time to get your garden ready for the summer     

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Gardening Tips for March

As the days lengthen and warmer weather arrives, you can finally get outside to enjoy the garden

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Gardening Jobs for February

Although the days may still be cold, there’s lots you can be doing in preparation for

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Horticultural Nursery

Ours is the largest local authority nursery in the country. It is cutting edge and capable of growing three million plants per year.

Four growing zones, each the size of Millennium Square, are used to grow a variety of plants throughout the year. Each zone can be separated from the others to create unique environments suitable for different crops. We grow over 500 different species of plants and our incredible machinery on site allows us to pot 10,000 seedlings per hour.