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Gardening Tips for March

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Gardening Tips for May

May is here, and with it the ideal opportunity to spend some quality time gardening


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As the days lengthen and warmer weather arrives, you can finally get outside to enjoy the garden again.

Throughout March the British landscape is filled with daffodils. Brightening up our gardens, daffodils bloom year after year, still looking as fantastic as the day they were planted. If your garden could do with a colour boost, it’s not too late to add some pot-grown Spring bulbs, choose from daffodils, tulips, crocus, bluebells or hyacinths.

Why not create a beautiful, seasonal container for your doorstep, balcony or corner of the garden. Choose from small conifers, evergreens, ferns or heucheras; and add some pot-grown bulbs or flowering bedding plants such as violas, pansies or primula. Deadhead the flowers, water and feed regularly for lasting colour. Leave the evergreens in place for Summer and replace the bedding plants and bulbs with summer ones.  We have a wide selection of seasonal plants throughout the year, and containers of all shapes, sizes and materials to cheer up your outdoor space.


Jobs for the month

  • Tidy up your borders. If the recent gales have brought down branches or leaves, now’s the time to clear these and remove any weeds. Watch out for any bulbs or perennials coming through.
  • There’s still time to cut back your herbaceous perennials. As the new growth starts to emerge, remove last year’s old stems completely.
  • Sow some sweet peas for Summer. If you love a vase of fragrant sweet peas in the summer, it’s time to sow these easy to grow climbers indoors. Sow seeds individually about 1.5cm deep in seed compost, water well and place on a warm windowsill, in a greenhouse or a propagator.
  • Lift and divide any Spring flowering plants once their flowers have faded. Spread the colour in your borders by splitting primula or bulbs such as snowdrops, crocus or aconites.
  • Deadhead your daffodils as necessary, leaving the stems to die back naturally. This ensures all of the plant’s energy goes back into the bulb and helps to strengthen the bulb so it produces more flowers for next year.
  • Sow some salad leaves this month. By sowing them at regular intervals you’ll be able to enjoy delicious leaves all summer long. We’ve got seeds, pots and compost - all you need is a little time, space and patience!

Time to tend to your lawn.

As soon as you notice that your lawn is becoming a little long, start your regular mowing regime again. Keep the blades high to begin with. Little and often is the best way to achieve a beautifully manicured lawn. Even out any small lumps and dips by cutting through the turf and either removing excess soil or adding soil, before replacing the turf and firming down. Feed your lawn with a high nitrogen feed – available in our nursery shop.

Indoor gardening

Harvest micro herbs in a few days! Sow your seeds in a tray with compost, keep moist until they sprout and add to your meal for a tasty garnish. Try basil, beetroot, radish or mustard.

Repot your houseplants to maintain a healthy growth. It is best to repot every 2 – 3 years, using peat-free compost choosing a pot one or two sizes larger than the current one. Take a look at our fabulous range of indoor pots. Why not treat your Mum to a fabulous houseplant for Mother’s Day – we’ve a great range of indoor plants on offer.


As hedgehogs emerge from their winter hibernation, put out some food for them. You can get a specialist hedgehog food, or use dog food, and don’t forget to give them some water.

As bird nesting season is fully under way, avoid pruning trees or cutting hedges to allow birds to raise their young.

If you’re new to gardening, or just need some advice, please chat to one of our nursery team who’ll be glad to help you. Happy Gardening!

Gardening Tips for March