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Seed Collection 2023 

Thank you for getting involved with this years seed collection, it has been a huge success! 

Due to not being able to accept conkers this year meant that people could focus their efforts on collecting less recognisable seeds. 

The seed collection will return in Autumn 2024, and more details on how to get involved will be posted nearer the time. 

Leeds Needs Seeds!

Through the months of September and October, seed collection boxes with accompanying interpretation will be provided in some of our local parks. People of all ages can get involved and gather seeds to be planted at the Arium.

We are looking for acorns, beech nuts and sweet chestnuts! Use our tree flyers to familiarise yourself with what they look like, and then deposit them at one of our collection points shown on our flyer. 

Our ranger team will also be running seed collection days with schools and volunteer groups, collecting a broader mix of seeds to be added to our woodland species mixes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Growing our own

We have increased growing capacity at The Arium to help achieve our goals, with new equipment and seed collection points.

We will make sure a suitable mix of trees, including native broad leaf species and other resilient species are planted in a way that maximises the benefits for habitat creation, wildlife and recreation, as well as helping to combat climate change.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​By locally sourcing our seeds, we are reducing the potential spread of disease from outsourcing thousands of trees from across the country. 

To find out more about our incredible plant nursery and its role in the initiative, please reference our public information pack. 

Thank you for collecting seeds!

Thank you so much to everybody who participated in collecting seeds in 2022!

Collectively the population of Leeds managed to gather an impressive amount of approximately 30,000 seeds! And from this we have been able to sow around 20,000 viable seeds with help from volunteers. The trees will continue to grow at the Arium for the next 3 years until they're ready to be planted in our parks and green spaces.

If you would like to donate to this project, then please visit the Love Leeds Parks webpage.


Seed Collection LOCATIONS

Information Pack