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Volunteering with us

Due to the nature of woodland creation, our available volunteering opportunities depend on the time of year.

In the winter (from November to February), you can find yourself planting trees in all weathers. In spring and summer you can get out in the sun for some woodland maintenance with our Woodland Wednesdays weekly group, or see behind the scenes at the Arium Friday seed planting sessions. Finally, in autumn, you'll be out collecting seeds in parks and green spaces for the next round of planting.

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New sites

Let us know where you would like to see new tree planting in Leeds by completing this survey - Have Your Say - Potential Sites 2024/25

Please note, suggestions will be investigated to establish their suitability for woodland planting (not all sites are suitable). Unfortunately due to the high volume of suggestions we cannot contact you with progress of individual site suggestions but if they are suitable they will progressed, so look out for them at the consultation or site preparation and planting stages!

Reporting woodland vandalism

To report cases of woodland vandalism, please email us at with the site location and percieved damage.